Next big steps for old new artist


You’ve probably got the bones of my story from my website…  – it’s not been easy, and it still isn’t. Life gets in the way of creativity and some days my brain fizzes and my fingers tingle with the drive to paint and it’s almost bedtime before I can stand in front of my easel, however half an hour is better than nothing.

I’m currently studying under Trevor Waugh, a most amazing and inspirational artist.  Having finished my Foundation year with him, being a sucker for punishment I continued this year.  He pushes me to limits I never new I had, and then pushes again.  Generous in time and knowledge and a lifetime of experience, I have learnt so much.  I will always be grateful to him for believing in me.


It’s been a fun few months… working around major home improvements…dust, plaster, no kitchen, no water … with my painting space getting smaller and smaller because it’s being used as a dumping ground for tools, odds n ends and the retreat for my 3 Siamese cats, Doc, Missy and Fast Eddy.


Watch this space … literally!!

I started painting in my little shed.

Where I started painting…

I’ve now outgrown the spare bedroom, so Harrington Smith Art is having a bespoke studio built in my garden.  Light, airy with water and electricity and surrounded by nature.  I am so excited!  I’ll be updating and posting the development stages.  In my head I can see it, complete with comfy sofa and little ‘kitchen’. And maybe a hammock, and wine cooler, water feature, wood burner… and much, much more…..


Studio Jude so far…..

Well, there’s a bit of clearing and re-siting to do.. the planter/water feature for one.. anyways, it’ll sit snugly against the trees and shrubs, and the light will come in through the windows from about 11am to sundown.. in summer.  It’s 16′ x 10′, with the eave height of 7′, 8′ in the middle.  So much bigger than my spare bedroom!

W B Yeates

‘for peace comes dropping slow there’……..

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